Frequently Asked Questions

How can I e-mail a plan to a customer?

In the full version, you can “print” a plan to a PDF file instead of your printer using File/Print. In Windows 10 and 11 there’s a built in PDF printer in the drop down list of printers, if you’re on an earlier version of Windows you can install Cute PDF Writer from (free) this will add a printer to your list. You can also print 3D views and quotes in the same way – the 3D view will actually be sharper than a saved jpg or screen copy as VR uses a higher resolution for prints. The resulting pdf can then be emailed.

N.B. If you save the pdfs to the same folder as your designs, be careful not to overwrite your design file (.vrk, .vrb or .vrs), there will be a warning if you try to do this.

Items such as filler panels are spinning round when I move them near a corner of the room, how can I prevent this?

VR Pro automatically rotates items to the nearest wall, which is usually what you want, but you can override this by using the toolbar button on the left hand side or by holding the Shift key down as you drag the item.

I've made a mistake while drawing up my design, how can I go back?

You can undo (and redo) up to ten previous operations, just use the Edit menu at the top of VR Pro and Undo or Redo. You can also use Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-Y as keyboard shortcuts.

How can I put a radius on a worktop?

Draw the worktop using the Draw Worktop tool on the top toolbar, choose the Select tool (blue arrow) and then choose Fillet from the right-click menu for the worktop: you can now drag a corner to any radius. You can also draw a curved worktop (such as the glass worktop in Sample3) by using a resized curved peninsular unit as a temporary template which you draw the worktop over.

What is the best way to incorporate wall nibs, chimney breasts and boxing-in?

Although it's possible to include these when you first set up the room dimensions, it's best to just use the overall room sizes at first and then add Wall or Tiling panels from the Miscellaneous list of items. These can be set to any size after dragging onto the plan with a right-click and Properties (or just double-click).

How can I create an opening in an internal wall?

You can't create a hole in a wall panel, but instead use three resized pieces of Wall (from the Miscellaneous list) - one either side and one above the opening, you set the level of the wall above using a right-click and Datum.

I get a warning from my Anti-Virus software about the download

Because our software does not get thousands of downloads, many anti-virus systems may warn that it is an unknown quantity. Please be assured that we have thoroughly checked and tested our software and it presents no threat to your computer. If you are concerned then you can choose Save instead of Run and then scan the saved file with your Anti-Virus software before running the installation.

The Trial Software installation freezes before it is complete

This seems to be due to the Windows User Account Control form failing to load. Some computers are prone to this problem (and others) after awaking from sleep or hibernation. This is usually cured if you re-start your PC and re-run the installation.

The Trial Software will not run after it has installed successfully

If you run Windows 7 you will be prompted to download and install Version 4.5 or greater of the Microsoft .NET Framework, it's always pre-installed on Windows 8, 10 or 11